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Online Ordering Instructions:

Prices were last updated February 2017. All prices are subject to change. For your protection, we do not accept credit cards over the internet. After receiving a confirmation of your order, please call the store at (252) 261-8990 with your credit card number. This will give us an opportunity to clarify any questions or special requests. We can not guarantee orders placed through the website or email within 7 days prior to arrival. To place an order within 7 days prior to arrival call (252) 261-8990.

  1. Choose all of the items you wish to purchase and “Add them to cart”
  2. If you wish to order 2 or more of one item please continue to add the item to your cart until the number of items you wish to purchase are added (You can always change your quantity in your shopping cart at the end)
  3. Once you have added all of the items you wish to purchase to your cart, visit the Shopping Cart page to do a final check over your order and send.
  4. Fill out the form and send your order
  5. After you send your order, a “thank you” message should pop up on your screen showing your order information. (You should also receive a confirmation email)
  6. To complete your order you MUST call (252) 261-8990 and make your payment over the phone. Your order will not be processed until you do so.
  7. When placing an order for pick up: our staff will shop our store for your groceries and wine on the day of your arrival on the Outer Banks to insure that your groceries are fresh. Everything will be kept at the proper temperature until you arrive.

If you need help when placing your order please call: (252) 261-8990 and one of our associates can help you.

Special Requests
Tommy’s Natural Foods Market has over 6,000 grocery and specialty food products. We have listed the basic items most often requested to start your vacation on the Outer Banks. If your favorite grocery or specialty food is not listed simply email us with your request and we will do our best to provide it for you to enjoy while vacationing on the Outer Banks.

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